Christmas Hello with Drums and Song by SacredFire 

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Have a loving Christmas season! 

We wish you and your close ones a bright Holiday season, filled with occasions to remember that you are loved, and to shine your inner light. 

For most of us, this is a busy time, filled with the stress of to-do's. Maybe some of you are experiencing a sense of being rushed into a state of joy when, deep down, you are not aligned with this vibration. If you resonnate with this, remember to take time to listen to your inner wisdom and to choose to spend some quality time nurturing your soul when you take time off. 

Aside from focusing on being of service to others, which is always good for everyone, there are many natural ways to help you connect with your authentic self, relax and rejuvenate. Time spent doing mindful activities such as walking in nature, listening to beautiful music, chanting, drumming, meditating, contemplating, dancing, practicing yoga, Qi Gong, writing, drawing & so much more, will contribute to a more balanced body-mind-heart & spirit. 

Say Yes to your emotions, even those more painful ones, and pamper yourself with yummy rituals to remind your heart that it is worthy of love, and to allow yourself to feel whole. 

Peace & harmony 

~ MJ and Dean 



Treat yourself or gift a loved one 

“I feel like I've been to the stars and back... . MJ is warm and talented and she got me singing! Now,,, that's a first! Gratitude. ♥” 

— Karen Whynot (Halifax, NS, Can.) 

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When you purchase our music, it supports our studio work and helps us compose & record more music, in the hope to affect people in a positive way and help create a peaceful world. 

We are self-produced artists and are grateful for each song sold! 

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What's happening on Vancouver Island?

New! Island Creative Singing Circle 
Sundays, 2pm to 3:30pm (Ladysmith) 

The Island Creative Singing Circle is a "mindful, intuitive choir" where everyone is invited to tap into their unique, authentic musical & rhythmic gifts to create a repertoire of improvised and collectively prepared songs. 

Together, we will create songs, rhythms and harmonies with the intention of celebreating community, releasing stress, raising mindful awareness, bringing peace and sharing deep joy! 

We will play with fun vocal improv games, group toning, harmonizing and spontaneous melody. You could be writing lyrics; playing percussion or improvising spoken word or singing in intuitive language. 

We will offer an audience interactive group performance on Vancouver Island at the end of March 2018. 

Register Now 

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Holiday Gift Certificates and Specially Priced Music 

This Christmas, we are pleased to offer you specially priced MUSIC, Online Sound & Energy Sessions and other GIFT CERTIFICATES that will help your loved one release stress, raise mindfulness & create a sense of peace and joy.


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

With love,

MJ and Dean




Hello Everyone! 

We are reaching out to our SacredFire Family around the globe to help us record children speaking (in any language) for a song that will be featured on our upcoming album. 

What will the child be doing? 

  • She/he will be recorded by you (with your smartphone... let's keep it simple - see details below). 
  • She/he will be giving some "peace of advice" on what we could do to create a more calm and peaceful world. All languages are welcome!

A few specifics: 

  • Please send recordings of children from 3 to 11 yrs old. 
  • Voice only (no background music, or noise of any kind (dogs barking; trucks, planes, coughing, talking, ventilator, etc.). 
  • You will send us the recordings via the Internet. If the child is speaking in a language other than English or French, please send us the translation.
  • All submissions will be listened to, and we will reply to everyone in an email.
  • The chosen recording(s) will be mixed in studio to a musical track created by SacredFire (featuring soft, soothing instruments such as chimes).

Your role: To create a calm space, ask questions & record the child: 

  • Make sure you have a Voice Recorder App on your smartphone (IPhone & IPad: see this link for best voice recorder apps
    Android: see this link). 
  • In a quiet space, create a calm moment with the child, sitting or laying down. 
  • Hold up your phone close to your child, or attach it somewhere close to them so you don't need to hold it. 
  • Once the child has attained a relaxed state, hit the record button. 
  • Ask specific questions to the child, so that their reply is directly related to the theme of the song : peace & calm (see questions below). 
  • We will mute your questions when we edit the track so your voice won't be heard on the final song.

The questions: 

  • Ask the child one or more questions like in these examples: 

    «What do you like to do when you want to feel calm (relaxed, peaceful)?» 
    «How do we feel when we are very calm (relaxed, peaceful)?» 
    «What will happen to me if I am very calm (relaxed, peaceful) each day?» 
    «What will happen on the planet if everybody is very calm and relaxed all the time?»
    «Do you think that adults in your life are calm and relaxed?
    «Why is it important to take time to be calm (quiet, relaxed, peaceful)?»
    Etc..., around the theme of being calm and relaxed

  • At the end, we might like to include children wishes, so you can ask questions like these: 

    «What is your best wish for all the children in the world?» 
    «What is your best wish for all the adults in the world?» 
    «What is your best wish for all the old people in the world?» 
    «What is your best wish for all the animals in the world?» 
    «What is your best wish for all the trees and flowers in the world?» 

How to send us your files: 

  • We are looking forward to receiving your recordings!! Send us your files using before January 15th, 2018. You can send as many recordings as you wish. 


We hope that you enjoy the beautiful moments you will create with the child around the theme of being calm & peaceful. We are very grateful for your participation, and will be looking forward to listening to your recordings!

Don't hesitate to send us your questions by Email

Love & Harmony 

~ MJ and Dean


New Video: "Stepping Into Clarity ~ remix" 

SacredFire video Stepping Into Clarity - Continuum

“Our thoughts are not roadblocks to our meditation, they are the divine expression of the universe and the building blocks of infinite possibilities available to us in every moment.”  ― davidji 


Dear Friends of SacredFire, 

We hope that you are enjoying a peaceful summer! Here in British-Columbia, Canada, wildfires have been affecting many communities, and our hearts go to everyone who has been affected by them. May you and your loved ones be safe. 



Here is an occasion to relax. We invite you to take a few minutes to put your headphones on; take your fingers off your phone or computer, and let your thoughts take a vacation with the video of our song "Stepping Into Clarity (remix)", from our album Continuum ~ Music for Peace & Healing

This song is the music-only remix of "Stepping Into Clarity ~ Vayu", originally featured on Journey to Infinity ~ Music, Mantras & Meditations; an Ayurvedic Opera by davidji & SacredFire*, based on the 5 elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. 

"Stepping Into Clarity" is inspired by the element of AIR. It is a reflexion; a meditation on clarity of thought, and our ability to make choices, resolutions and commitments that support our wellbeing. 

«What step do you take right now to move you from where you are to where you want to be?» ― davidji*


We would love YOUR FEEDBACK on this video. Feel free to share a few words with us HERE.

Peace and harmony,


MJ and Dean


*Deep gratitude to davidji; for the wise words that inspired our music.

New on Vancouver Island: Weekly Drumming with MJ 

We did it! We are now officially settled on beautiful Vancouver Island. And guess what we finally unpacked in the recent weeks? Our many drums and djembes :) Yes, yes, we are starting to offer workshops on the Island, the first of which was an awesome Creative Drumming Workshop facilitated by MJ a few weeks ago. 

We are now about to start offering weekly Creative Drumming Classes each Friday (3-4:30 pm), and will keep you posted with other types of workshops and presentations in the times to come.

Here are a few details of this series of drumming classes:

Fun & empowering CREATIVE DRUMMING classes. 

The first part of each class focuses on developing rhythmic & technical hand drumming abilities. 

In the second part, we explore different techniques to learn to improvise and create our own rhythms. 

We mostly use Djembe drums (and other percussion instruments). 


You can attend any class, at any time, as long as you register. 

Register for 1 class: $17 ~ Prepaid Class Bundles: 5 classes: $65 | 10 classes: $120 

Here is the link to the complete info, and to register:

Hope to see you there!

Climb the Mountain (remix) on YouTube 

SacredFire's song "Climb the Mountain (remix)" is now on YouTube.

Listen to / buy the complete CD here.

Inspired by the five elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, CONTINUUM is the music-only remix of “Journey to Infinity”, the Ayurvedic Opera by #davidji & #SacredFire. 

“Climb the Mountain” is part of the Earth tracks of Continuum. It refers to the concept of manifestation of our thoughts, words and deeds in the physical realm. 

⊕⊕⊕      Dean Richards: Guitars, vocals, drums    /    MJ Vermette: Vocals, percussion      ⊕⊕⊕ 

Worldbeat Music Medicine Artists, Marie Josée Vermette (aka MJ) and Dean Richards, of 'SacredFire' are unique in their approach to music. A blend of their talents as healers, teachers and musicians brings the listener to a space where they can let go of tensions, and connect with their higher purpose and stepping out to live it. 

Their heart-centered intuition fuels the powerful and beautiful sounds they produce in the form of chanting, drumming and a mix of eclectic instruments. 

Discover SacredFire:

Your comments are welcome!

Free Song Download: Rhâ! Tcheba 

Dear SacredFire Friends, 

We have been inspired by recent gatherings around the world in support of women's & human rights, and we would like to share our song "Rhâ! Tcheba" with you and your friends. Listen to the song and get your free download here.

We believe in respectful, peaceful and inclusive communication between all humans, all over the world. May all of our hearts shine bright, and may our actions be ignited by the power of love. 

Rhâ! Tcheba is a tribute to the power and the strength which resides in the feminine, and is featured on our EP Rising (2011). 

We hope that you enjoy our song, and that you will feel moved to share it with your friends! 

Love & Harmony 

~ MJ and Dean

2016 Winter Solstice & Christmas Blessings + Song Improvisations 

Dear Soul & Sound Family,

In this 2016-12-21 video newsletter, we reflect on winter solstice, and the meaning of the Christmas season. We wish you peace within, and invite you to shine your light & share your gifts with the world. 

We also offer you two improvised songs with the mindful intention of nurturing the joy and inviting the light into your hearts & minds.

With love & gratitude,

MJ & Dean


2016-11-12 Vocal Improv on the road to lighten our heavy hearts 

2016-11-12. Little vocal improv on the road, while relaxing and reflecting in Côte d'Azur, France. Our hearts were heavy with worries about the anger and lack of unity on the planet, and thinking of many of our friends who are experiencing grief, health and life challenges at this time. 

As we often do, to raise our spirits, and to send positive vibes to the world, we spent a few minutes connecting with the natural elements and simply improvising, from the heart. Nothing too serious... just shifting our emotional expression to feel more love & light. Thought we would share this one with you all ;)

Peace in your hearts, 

MJ Vermette & Dean Richards of