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SacredFire - Mystical worldbeat music

Genre: Mystical / Worldbeat / Progressive New Age / Shamanic / Yoga & Meditation / Sound & Music Healing / Lyrical

SacredFire is MJ Vermette & Dean Richards ~ Canadian Worldbeat Sound Healing Musicians who travel the globe, igniting spirits and bringing a sense of grounding & connection with their Mystical Worldbeat Music Concerts & Workshops.   

The eclectic music of SacredFire combines heart-opening, lush vocals with ecstatic drumming  and high vibrational sounds, swathed in worldwide traditional influences and modern instrumentation, to help us attain a deep sense of peace and harmony. 

Absolutely one of the most outstanding things I have ever experienced! It’s something you’ll never forget!”

— BBC Radio 2’s Johnnie Walker

Based on Vancouver Island, British-Columbia, surrounded by the beauty of ocean, forest & mountains, SacredFire’s work is infused with the energy of the natural elements.  

The Story  
MJ and Dean met on an outdoor festival stage in Squamish (BC) in 2010, where MJ had just moved from Montreal (QC). MJ was leading an audience-participation percussion improvisation, when Dean sneaked on a drum kit in the back. Together, they spontaneously offered a commanding drumming performance, without MJ seeing who was behind her…  

Since then, the duo released 3 albums and performed in France, Germany, England, Mexico, Canada and the United States, in large-scale wellness events such as The Chopra Center retreats in California & Canada, led by the prominent Deepak Chopra.    

SacredFire use musical expression as an empowering tool, to create a sense of wholeness and well-being and build pathways between humans and their ancestral, inner wisdom.  Their audience participation concerts and dynamic workshops  incorporate Mindful Music, Sound Meditation, Intuitive Sound Healing and Trance Drumming. MJ's heart-opening singing merges intuitive & ethereal non-lexical vocables, as well as lyrics in English, Sanskrit and expressions from cultures around the world. The duo's distinctive arrangements carry the vibration of tribal, Celtic and progressive rock music with opera & devotional new age flavors.     


In 2011, SacredFire released Rising, an a cappella chants & drums EP that pays tribute to the abundance of Life with fervent authenticity and tang.     

In 2014, the duo wrote and produced the music for Journey to Infinity, a double album with Music, Mantras & Meditations. The Ayurvedic Opera  was written by stress management guru and leading meditation expert davidji, and is considered a transcendental piece of art that breaks out of the meditative new age matrix to lift us into a boundless world of profound wisdom.   

In 2015, SacredFire released their latest album, Continuum ~ Music for Peace & Healing (the remixed songs from Journey to Infinity). Inspired by the 5 elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, Continuum merges soothing, lyrical vocals with Worldbeat & progressive rock influences  - a soul stirring musical journey through time and space.   

Continuum features prominent guest musicians such as Gilad Atzmon (Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Sinéad O'Connor) John Turnbull (Bob Geldof, Eurythmics, Ian Dury & The Blockheads, World Party, Talk Talk) and Hans Christian (Robbie Robertson, Krishna Das) and has been mastered by Ronan Chris Murphy (who worked with King Crimson, Robert Fripp and Tony Levin).     

SacredFire is presently preparing their upcoming album, which will include recordings from high vibration spaces around the world, and the voices of children. MJ and Dean are also producing music for film & tv.   

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