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Address upon registration, Ladysmith (Vancouver Island)

Join us each Sunday (Sept. 30-Dec. 9, 2018) from 1:30 to 2:30 PM except Nov. 11th


In a warm, friendly and non judgmental atmosphere, you:

  • Relax and let go of their internal dialogue; eliminate tension
  • Learn rhythmic, drumming and improvisation basic techniques
  • Are encouraged to express yourself with creative impulse
  • Acknowledge your possibilities and limits, and are lead to transcend them
  • Share, listen, dare
  • Have fun!

Adults and teens welcome. No experience needed.

Science demonstrates that drumming increases the development of various regions of the brain, including the motor and auditory cortexes. Traditionally, hand drumming has been used in many cultures, to help create a conduit to the Divine. Group drumming allows us to experience worship with our bodies as well as our minds, and provides us with demonstrated biological and psycho-social benefits.

While facilitating Creative Drumming sessions, our unique approach uses the drums as communication and personal expression tools. We are passionate about empowering individuals by guiding them to open up to their highest good.

Cost: $50 (5-week bundle) or $13 drop-in

Payments: Cash, check, E-transfer

To register, send us an email:

or phone 604-848-9543


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Address upon registration, Ladysmith (Vancouver Island)

Every Sunday* in Ladysmith (Vancouver Island), Sept. 30 - Dec. 9th 2018

*Except Nov. 11th

Complete info:

Explore song improvisation and circle singing, using your creativity and your intuition. We make it easy, fun, relaxing & empowering! 

Together, we create songs, rhythms and harmonies with the intention of celebrating community, releasing stress, raising mindful awareness, bringing peace and sharing deep joy! 

We  play with fun vocal improv games, group toning, harmonizing and spontaneous melody. You could be writing lyrics; playing percussion or improvising spoken word or singing in intuitive language. 

Adults and teens welcome. No experience needed.  

Everyone CAN sing! No experience needed! 

In a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, you will experience: 

  • Simple body and voice warm-ups; 

  • Breath work, voice yoga, vizualisation and sound meditation to help cleanse, strengthen and circulate life energy in the body; 

  • Voice and rhythm games as well as spontaneous solo, duo, trio and group improvisations; 

  • Easy, colorful, liberating rituals, using the voice and sometimes percussion.

COST:  $75 (5-week registration)  or  Drop-in: $18 

PAYMENTS: Cash, check, E-transfer


To register, please contact MJ via email:

or by phone 604-848-9543.


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Address upon registration, Ladysmith (Vancouver Island)

EVERY THURSDAY (10:30 am - 12 pm) FROM OCTOBER 4TH TO DECEMBER 6TH, 2018), in Ladysmith (Vancouver Island).

Explore the healing gifts of chanting, toning and mantra singing. Focused on conscious intention and mindful expression, you are invited to express meaningful and sacred sounds as medicine for the soul.

Sounds are produced in a meditative state, using the voice to carry us closer to being «whole»: body, mind and spirit. Movement may sometimes accompany sound, allowing the physical body to be an active part of the meditative process.

Chanting help you relax, release tension, raise your vibration, open up your energy flow and create Joy!

COST: $50 (5-week bundle ~ save $15) or $13 drop-in

PAYMENT: Cash, check, E-transfer

INFO & REGISTRATION: Please send an email to

or phone: 604-848-9543


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