They loved working with SacredFire... 

"You were an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G team and created an awesome experience for our guests!!! Thank YOU!!!!!!"  
 — Gordon McGregor, Event Manager - The Chopra Center, CA 

"SacredFire are one of the best musical act we've ever booked! They were professional, and very supportive with marketing, communication, & set up. Their experience was transcendental, playful, deep, & filled with love, dance, and connection with the divine! Love!!! " 
— Shine Kelly, CEO &Co-Founder ​​UNITE

"Your music was not only a wonderful experience for everybody who heard it but had also a very powerful effect on people's emotions! It certainly contributed a lot to the atmosphere of the whole event and without any doubt helped increase PEACE and HAPPINESS in the universe!" 
— Gudrun Dreher, Organizer, Peace Day event - FDU Vancouver

 “When I was the Director of Events for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, I had the pleasure to book SacredFire on four occasions to offer their powerful music performances and workshops throughout our meditation and yoga retreats, featuring Dr. Deepak Chopra and other prominent speakers and teachers. I enjoyed the flexibility and versatility of MJ and Dean, who always rose to the occasion when asked if they could spontaneously offer diverse types of presentations, including opening and closing ceremonies, devotional music, collaborations with our meditation and yoga teachers, presentations with other musicians, a lunch concert, ecstatic drumming and sound healing journeys and workshops for our guests and for our team. I highly recommend hiring these compassionate, authentic, professional musicians and facilitators to create an outstanding experience in events that aim to increase peace and wellbeing.” 
— Amanda Ree (Certified Vedic Educator & Founder of Sama Dog: Wellbeing for Dogs + Their Humans)

sacredfire CONCERTS

West Coast Yoga Festival (2016)

West Cost Yoga Festival (2016)


Celebrate Community and raise your energy! Immerse in the mystical, timeless, intentional music of Worldbeat Sound Healing Musicians, MJ Vermette and Dean Richards from SacredFire.

The duo’s distinctive musical style conveys the vibration of tribal, Celtic and progressive rock music with opera & devotional new age flavors. SacredFire music concerts & sound meditative journeys blend sacred sounds & ecstatic drumming with heart-opening, mesmerizing songs, to help you attain a sense of balance, deep joy, nourishment and harmony.

Each, unique, SacredFire experience allows you to set your intention for personal awakening & connect you with your intuition. The music is meaningful and profound, and helps create a sense of wholeness and well-being. Dean and MJ use musical expression as an empowering tool, to build pathways between humans and their True Nature; uniting us with our ancestral inner wisdom.



Some of SacredFire's presentations include  Sound Healing & Intentional Music, which stimulates the release of endorphin in our bodies, therefore increasing a feeling of well-being and, in some cases, decreasing the need for medication. It provides relief from stress and anxiety, which are known to cause physical and emotional imbalances such as high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, weight disorders, depression, and other various health issues.


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SacredFire has designed a series of workshops, tailored to suit the high standards of: 

  • Festivals & Conferences 
  • Wellness Centres 
  • Yoga Studios 
  • Holistic and Bodywork Schools 
  • Women’s Centres 
  • Retreat Centres 
  • Youth Centres 

As facilitators, we are deeply respectful of each individual’s rhythm, uniqueness and character, and are passionate about guiding participants so that they may open to their highest good and connect with their Sacred Fire. 

SOUND & ENERGY HEALING WORKSHOP (click title for details) 
Learn - Experience - Heal - Transform - Heal with Sounds 

CREATIVE DRUMMING WORKSHOP (click title for details) 
Drum - Energize - Empower yourself - Connect with your inner Fire! 

​INTUITIVE SINGING WORKSHOP (click title for details) 
Dare - Sing - Connect - Heal - Be Authentic - Be Divine 

SOUND & MOVEMENT WORKSHOP (click title for details) 
Stretch - Strenghten - Develop Body Awareness - Heal with Sounds 

RECORDING PLAYSHOP (click title for details) 
Explore your Self. Create music. 
Leave with a recording of your collective song! 

Our workshops are intended for adults and teenagers from multiple backgrounds and different needs (no musical experience necessary): 

  • Individuals on the path of self-awareness / looking for an uplifting, creative experience 
  • Professionals who seek to develop their intuition and deepen their knowledge of self 
  • Yoga, massage, energy therapy and other holistic therapy students 
  • People struggling with addictions, depression, anxiety or emotional issues 
  • Cancer patients; people with physical and sensorial disabilities 
  • Youth fighting exclusion and abuse / bonding and developing social skills and abilities 
  • Women serching for empowerment 

We offer workshops on Vancouver Island (BC, Canada) and around the world in our travels. 

Want SacredFire to join your event? Want us in your home or workplace? Please contact us



Worldwide Retreats - Concerts & Workshops

Maya Tulum Resort (Riviera Maya, Mexico)
(7 day retreat with davidji)
Healing Sounds Workshop, Concerts & Live music for yoga

Europa-Park (Rust, Germany)
5 day retreats with Magali Devi of Anahataflow
Healing Sounds Workshops, Concerts & Live music for yoga

Rimrock Resort Hotel (Banff, Alberta, Can.)
3 day retreats with Mandy Trapp of Lifestyle Meditation
Healing Sounds Workshop, Concerts & Live music for yoga

La Costa Resort & Spa (Carlsbad, CA, USA)
5 day retreat with Deepak Chopra & The Chopra Center
Healing Sounds Workshop, Concerts & Live music for yoga

Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa (San Diego, CA, USA)
5 day retreat with Deepak Chopra & The Chopra Center
Healing Sounds Workshop, Concerts & Live music for yoga

The Chateau Fairmont Hotel (Whistler, BC, Can.)
5 day retrerat with Deepak Chopra & The Chopra Center
Healing Sounds Workshop, Concerts & Live music for yoga

Gaunts House (Dorset, England, UK)
6 day UK Shamanic Conferences
Live music & concerts

The Brew Creek Centre (Whistler, BC, Can.)
3 day retreat with Chopra Addiction & Wellness Center
Healing Sounds Workshop & Concert

La Cache à Maxime (Québec, QC, Can.)
3 day wellness retreat with Krystine St-Laurent
Live Music Medicine & Workshops

National & International Events

  • Place-des-Arts (Salle Jean-Deceppe) (Montreal, QC, Can.) - Opening concert for Gabrielle Bernstein
  • AnandaOm (Montreal, QC, Can.) - Sound & Energy Concert, Workshop
  • Centre for Spiritual Living (Edmonton, AB, Can.) - Healing Sounds Workshop & Concert
  • Seminarhaus Schonberg (Freiburg, Germany) - Healing Sounds Workshop & Concert
  • Summerhill Pyramid
    (Kelowna, BC, Can.) - Summer Solstice Celebration
  • Yogastudio Balance (Frankfurt, Germany) - Live music for 5 Rhythms Dance Workshop
  • Bürgerhaus Bühl (Buhl-Baden, Germany) - Healing Sounds Workshop & Concert
  • Yogastudio Baden-Baden (Baden-Baden, Germany) - Meditative Concert
  • Rhein Ballettstudio Pia Scheiring (Ludwigshafen, Germany) - Dance & Music Workshop
  • Zu Studios (Lewes, England, UK) - Shamanic Concert
  • Fontmell Magna Yoga Sanctuary (Fontmell Magna, England, UK) - Shamanic Sound Healing Concerts
  • The Healing Tree (Bude, England, UK) - Healing Sounds Workshop
  • The River of Life Centre (Dorchester, England, UK) - Meditative Concert
  • Whitespace Yoga (Milton Keynes, England, UK) - Meditative Concert
  • The Avalon Room (Glastonbury, England, UK) - Meditative Concert
  • Camino Center (Glastonbury, England, UK) - Meditative Concert
  • Monastère des Augustines (Québec, QC, Can.) - Sound & Music Medicine Concert 

Local Concerts & Workshops

  • Blessed Coast Festival (Squamish, BC, Can) - Mystical Worldbeat concert
  • Body Soul Spirit Expo (Vancouver, BC, Can) - ALCHEMY concert
  • Chopra Yoga (Vancouver, BC, Can.) - Healing Sounds Workshop
  • West Coast Yoga Festival (Squamish, BC, Can.)
    Particiative Worldbeat Music Medicine Closing Concert
  • Body, Mind & Spirit Expo (Vancouver, BC) - Opening Mystical Worldbeat Concert
  • Just Dance (Vancouver, BC, Can.) - Ecstatic Dancing & Live Healing Music
  • Whistler Yoga Conference (Whistler, BC, Can.) - Live Music for Yoga
  • Cowichan Healing Arts Expo (Duncan, BC) - Opening Mystical Worldbeat Concert
  • FDU Vancouver (Vancouver, BC, Can.) - International Happiness Day & Peace Day Healing Sounds Workshop
  • Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage (Vancouver, BC, Can.) - Healing Sounds Workshop & Concert
  • St.Paul's Church (Vancouver, BC, Can.) - Concert for World Peace
  • The Brew Creek Lodge (Whistler, BC, Can.) - 100th International Women's Day Celebration - Healing Sounds & Movement Workshop
  • Chopra Addiction & Wellness Centre (Squamish, BC, Can.) - Weekly Healing Sounds Workshops
  • OM Studio (Squamish, BC, Can.) - Healing Sounds & Intuitive Drumming Workshops
  • The Yoga Studio (Squamish, BC, Can.) - Healing Sounds Workshops & Concerts - Live music for yoga classes
  • The Crystal Gallery (Whistler, BC, Can.) - Healing Sounds Workshop & Concert
  • Violet Quartz Wellness Studio (Squamish, BC, Can.) - Sound & Movement Workshops
  • Moussi Montessori School (Squamish, BC, Can.) - Team building Drumming Workshops & Celebrations
  • Just U Health & Wellness Trade Show (Squamish, BC, Can.) - Interactive Concert
  • Alpen Loft Yoga Studio (Squamish, BC, Can.) - Sound Healing Concert & Workshop
  • Yum Yoga & Dance Studio
    (Vancouver Island, BC, Can.) - Sound, Movement & Song Workshop
  • The House of Now (Vancouver Island, BC, Can.) - The Power of Now (Intuitive Sound Healing Workshop) 

  •  The Studio on Third (Vancouver Island, BC, Can.) -  
    Intentional Concert for Peace


Do you have a special occasion to celebrate? Are you an event planner?
SacredFire offers tailored performances and workshops for all sizes of retreats, ceremonies, celebrations & festivals.

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