What shines out from you both is the passion for what you do. There is such a powerful yet compassionate energy pulsing out from you and your instruments! ”

— Beryl Thomas - WiredForSuccess.TV

Marie Josée (MJ) Vermette | Dean Richards

SacredFire is Marie Josée Vermette (MJ) & Dean Richards — Canadian Worldbeat Sound Healing Artists who travel the globe, igniting spirits and bringing a sense of grounding & deep peace with their interactive Music Medicine Concerts & Workshops.  

“Absolutely one of the most outstanding things I have ever experienced! It’s something you’ll never forget!”
proclaimed BBC Radio 2’s DJ legendary Johnnie Walker after a SacredFire concert on their 2012 UK tour.

The mystical & timeless music of SacredFire is an elixir for the body-mind-heart & spirit. The effects are meaningful and profound; induced by raw, ecstatic, intuitive chanting & drumming and expansive, modern soundscapes with a twist of worldwide traditional influences. SacredFire use musical expression as an empowering tool, to create a sense of wholeness and well-being & build pathways between humans and their ancestral inner wisdom. 


Marie Josée Vermette (MJ)

Marie Josée Vermette (MJ)

Marie Josée (MJ) is a Musician, Producer, Sound Healing Artist, Workshop Facilitator and Certified Bodymind, Taoist Acupressure & Energy Therapy Practitioner.

She has extensive experience, supporting people healing from trauma, addiction, abuse, emotional, mental or physical challenges. As a skilled facilitator, vocalist and hand drummer, she has been offering Intuitive Voice and Drumming self-Expression Workshops since 2004; a unique concept that allows her therapeutic expertise to blend with her artistic personality, to help people radiate peace, health and positive force. 

Raised and trained in Montréal (Canada), she moved to Vancouver in 2010, where she formed SacredFire (previously Chants & Drums) with Dean Richards.


Dean Richards

Dean Richards

Dean Richards is a multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, music producer, sound engineer, videographer and photographer.

For close to 30 years Dean has been performing music professionally, writing, recording and touring Canada, the UK and the USA. Brought up in the lush forest landscape of British Columbia, Canada, the influence of nature is always present in his work. His passion is creating music and visuals to connect with people at a profound, positive degree. 

Since a very early age, Dean says he has always had an inner desire to know oneself at a deeper level and has studied many self awareness/improvement disciplines and the art of good communication.  Dean shares his gifts through music in a way that clears, and leaves the audience filled with a revived, uplifted energy.