Sound & energy healing tips podcast by sacredfire


Sound vibration is a powerful healing force of nature. Sound has been used by ancient worldwide traditions for thousands of years to help humans attain a state of deep stillness in which our natural healing process can occur when we are experiencing dis-ease.
Music and Sound Medicine stimulates the release of endorphin in our bodies, therefore increasing a feeling of well-being. It provides relief from stress and anxiety, which are known to cause physical and emotional imbalances such as high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, weight disorders, depression and many other health issues.

Our bodies are made up of frequencies that form a harmonic and balanced whole when we are healthy. The vibrations of the body easily go out of tune with physical or emotional tension, as well as unhealthy lifestyles. Sound & Energy Healing helps the body remember its own healthy harmonic resonance.

Once the body has been restored to an ideal state of wellness and harmony, ongoing exposure to healing sounds will assist in maintaining balance and good health, much the same as keeping the instruments within an orchestra tuned will maintain harmony and good vibrations.

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This blog contains short, easy to apply, Intuitive Sound Healing podcasts by SacredFire Music. The podcasts have been recorded with a loving, mindful intention, for the well-being of All.

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