Creating Community - SacredFire's CD release party

SacredFire CD Release party
On October 3rd 2015, we launched our new CD "Continuum" with a party back home, in Squamish, BC. Watch the video HERE.

Squamish is a small town! So we held the event in a local bistro, and had the pleasure of celebrating the new album with our friends & community; their kids and a few elders. Our hearts are filled with joy and memories of laughter; everyone singing, dancing and joining in with shakers.

As we get ready for our 6 week European recording tour & Yoga & Meditation retreat in Germany at the end of the week, we realize how precious the art of celebrating is. In a world with too few rituals, gathering the community and organizing festivities helps to create strong bonds and solidarity.

For Mj & Dean of SacredFire, this celebration marked the completion of a cycle of 4 years of fun & meaningful labor that was the recording and producing; and then remixing and refining of the songs that first supported the narrative of a meditation album with our collaborator davidji. But the CD Release Party somehow raised our awareness a notch... The love and support in the air was... well... special. Like a feeling of family. Thank you to everyone that came.

Yesterday, we learned that the region of Côte d'Azur, in the south of France, where we will be going on Saturday, has been devastated with a tragic storm that took the lives of at least 17 people, and caused a lot of damage to surrounding towns and cities. We are packing our bags with a heavy heart, and loads of positive intentions to share our Music Medicine with this community. We will carry the vibration of our community with us, and will do our best to bring peace and healing everywhere we are on our journey.

We thought we would share a few memories from the CD Release Party with you here.

Peace in your hearts,

Mj and Dean of SacredFire


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