Climb the Mountain (remix) on YouTube

SacredFire's song "Climb the Mountain (remix)" is now on YouTube.

Listen to / buy the complete CD here.

Inspired by the five elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, CONTINUUM is the music-only remix of “Journey to Infinity”, the Ayurvedic Opera by #davidji & #SacredFire. 

“Climb the Mountain” is part of the Earth tracks of Continuum. It refers to the concept of manifestation of our thoughts, words and deeds in the physical realm. 

⊕⊕⊕      Dean Richards: Guitars, vocals, drums    /    MJ Vermette: Vocals, percussion      ⊕⊕⊕ 

Worldbeat Music Medicine Artists, Marie Josée Vermette (aka MJ) and Dean Richards, of 'SacredFire' are unique in their approach to music. A blend of their talents as healers, teachers and musicians brings the listener to a space where they can let go of tensions, and connect with their higher purpose and stepping out to live it. 

Their heart-centered intuition fuels the powerful and beautiful sounds they produce in the form of chanting, drumming and a mix of eclectic instruments. 

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