Sound & Movement Workshops

 SacredFire Sound & Movement Workshops
Stretch -  Strenghten -  Develop Body Awareness -  Heal with Sounds
Connect to your Sacred Fire


Our Sound & Movement workshops promote self-healing and aim to develop awareness through profound, relaxing & invigorating, conscious movements and sounds that connect body, mind and soul.

In a warm, friendly and non judgemental atmosphere, participants are invited to:
  • Use their conscious intention to guide their bodies to stretch and strengthen, accordingly to their specific needs and limits
  • Connect with the breath, tuning in to sensation and body awareness
  • Use toning and other intuitive, healing sounds along with movement as a way to release tensions, deepen focus & attention and help stimulate the energy flow
  • Express their feelings and emotions in a creative manner
  • Explore their creativity in a safe setting that will allow them to acquire a sense of self-worth
  • Celebrate the divinity in their human experiences, through dance
Sound & Movement workshops provide participants with tools to help them on their path to well-being and self-transformation, creating a sense of self-confidence in the capacity to heal themselves.

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