In studio and mobile Therapeutic Sound Healing Sessions with Mj
SOUND MASSAGE is a healing modality that blends the expression of sound vibrations and therapeutic touch. 

We direct the sounds on unbalanced areas of the body, with therapeutic intent. This aims to bring the cells’ vibratory rate back to their natural, healthy state. The client may participate in producing sound if desired.

Sound Massage uses Toning, which is easy, natural and accessible to everyone. Toning helps induce a deep relaxation state, build self-confidence, lengthen the breath and enhance intuitive abilities. When focused on sound, the client’s attention is easily drawn within and there is less space for limiting thoughts of the mind.

Using the principle of Resonance, we also use instruments on and around your body. Singing bowls, chimes, drums, rain sticks, rattles, bells, gongs, water bottles, rock bags and other instruments all have their specific role in relation to different body parts, cells and energy channels (Meridians), and will help you connect to the Water, Wind, Fire, Earth and Metal elements, as taught by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Using our intuition, we may sing your «Soul Song», which might be interpreted as a blueprint of the energy that we are channelling at the moment of the session.

During the Sound Massage, you will usually be lying on a massage table or on the floor, or be sitting in a comfortable chair. You will be asked to wear loose clothing.

The origins of Sound Massage

Sound Massage was developed according to ancient worldwide spiritual and shamanic traditions, in which initiates use the strong therapeutic power of sound to cleanse the energy field and help relieve resistances that may be trapped in different parts of the physical body. Since body, mind and spirit are bridged with each other, effects are therefore felt on emotional and spiritual levels, creating a sense of wholeness and well-being.

About Resonance

All matter is organized by waveforms and frequencies. It is known that cells that form our body vibrate at a certain frequency, depending on their condition. Healthy cells will oscillate at a higher level than unhealthy ones. In other words, if a person’s body has a part which is affected by an injury, stress or emotional distress, its vibrations will be lowered, thus creating chaos in this section of the body, leading the person to experience physical, emotional or mental pain, discomfort or illness.

Resonance is manifested when one frequency rises or lowers to blend with another frequency. The power of the principle of resonance is such that each frequency is changed by the presence of the other frequency until a form of union is established.

Sound waves emanating from the human voice and other musical instruments interfere with matter with their vibration. For example, still chords of a violin will start to vibrate in the presence of a second violin being played.

In Sound Massage, high vibratory rate sounds are directed at unbalanced areas of the body, aiming to bring the cells’ vibratory rate back to their natural, healthy state, guiding a person towards positive physical, mental or emotional transformation.

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