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Gift Certificate - Sound & Energy Massage with MJ in Ladysmith

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We will send you a 60 min. Gift certificate for an individual sound & energy massage in Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, to:

  • Release deep-rooted physical, mental & emotional stress
  • Create peace within
  • Increase awareness and a sense of unity
  • Bring your cells’ vibratory rate to their natural, healthy state ~ raise your energy
  • Connect with your essence and your purpose

How it works:

In the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of the SacredFire Wellness Room:

  • We intiate the session with a 5-10 min. chat to allow you to express your needs
  • You sit or lay comfortably
  • You receive a head & shoulder massage
  • Using my voice and various instruments such as drums, rattles, rain sticks, singing bowls, chimes and diverse percussion, I guide you through a vizualisation process, and use sound healing techniques from ancient Chinese, Taoist and Shamanic traditions.
  • We complete with a 5-10 min. conversation

Get the complete details on Sound & Energy Massage sessions with MJ here:

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What is Sound & Energy Massage? Click here to learn more.

MJ is a very sensitive healer who works with the energy that a client presents at the time in a deeply intuitive, skilled and respectful way using her voice, varying instrumental sounds, touch and deep breathing. Unlike any energy treatment I have experienced before. ”

— Morna Rockingham (Ladysmith, BC)

Online, Personalized Music Journey with Dean and MJ

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Give the gift of mindful, relaxing, tailored, live healing music with MJ and Dean of SacredFire.

60 min. GIFT CERTIFICATE for a personalized Music Medicine Journey with MJ & Dean on Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout.

Get the complete info on our online music journeys here:

We will contact you via email to get the details for your gift certificate within 48 hours of receiving your order. Please make sure we have your email address.

Canada only: You can choose to send an E-transfer to sacredfire(at) to the amount of $100 CAD

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What are online Music Medicine Journeys? Click here to learn more.

I am in love with your music ❤️ The harmonious sounds create the space I need to quiet my mind and connect with Mother Nature and my highest self. ”

— Michelle Rae Baumann - Life coach and Energy healer