Creative Drumming Workshops


Drum.  Energize.  Feel empowered.  Ignite your Sacred Fire.


group drumming


In a warm, friendly and non judgmental atmosphere, you: 

* Relax and let go of their internal dialogue; eliminate tension  
* Learn rhythmic, drumming and improvisation basic techniques  
* Are encouraged to express yourself with creative impulse  
* Acknowledge your possibilities and limits, and are lead to transcend them  
* Share, listen, dare  
* Have fun!

Science demonstrates that drumming increases the development of various regions of the brain, including the motor and auditory cortexes. Traditionally, hand drumming has been used in many cultures, to help create a conduit to the Divine. Group drumming allows us to experience worship with our bodies as well as our minds, and provides us with demonstrated biological and psycho-social benefits.

While facilitating Creative Drumming sessions, our unique approach uses the drums as communication and personal expression tools. We are passionate about empowering individuals by guiding them to open up to their highest good.


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Develop your technical hand drumming & rhythmic improvisation skills, using mainly the Djembe drum. 

These individual lessons are tailored to your specific needs, and include: 

  • Drumming exercises to practice coordination, speed, endurance, independence and control 
  • Techniques to create your own practice exercises to improve what you need most 
  • Improvisation techniques 
  • Fun, relaxing, rhythmic games 
  • Exercises to improve your confidence and your stamina 


60 minute lessons: 
1 lesson = sliding scale $25-$45
Bundles of 5, 8 or 10 lessons available

90 minute lessons 
1 lesson = sliding scale $50-$65
Bundles of 5, 8 or 10 lessons available

Payment: cash, cheque or E-transfer
Phone 604.848.9543 


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MJ Vermette Creative Drumming

MJ Vermette, facilitator