Everyone CAN sing! We just don't all sound the same!”

— MJ Vermette, Sacred Fire Facilitator

Explore song improvisation and circle singing, using your creativity and your intuition. We make it easy, fun, relaxing & empowering! 

Together, we create songs, rhythms and harmonies with the intention of celebrating community, releasing stress, raising mindful awareness, bringing peace and sharing deep joy! 

We  play with fun vocal improv games, group toning, harmonizing and spontaneous melody. You could be writing lyrics; playing percussion or improvising spoken word or singing in intuitive language. 

Adults and teens welcome. No experience needed. 


In a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, you will experience: 

  • Simple body and voice warm-ups; 
  • Breath work, voice yoga, visualization and sound meditation to help cleanse, strengthen and circulate life energy in the body; 
  • Voice and rhythm games as well as spontaneous solo, duo, trio and group improvisations; 
  • Easy, colorful, liberating rituals, using the voice and sometimes percussion.