"PRESENCE" ~ Online Sound Meditation Workshop

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This sound healing meditation & workshop will help you clear your mind, and find some presence, peace & relaxation. For many, the use of mindful sounds and music amplifies their ability for focused awareness during meditation.

This is a good opportunity for those looking to reduce tension, fatigue, anxiety, nervousness, or anger; to improve their mood and sense of spiritual well-being.

In this workshop, you will be invited to let go of mental chatter and resistance by allowing sound vibration to flow through and from yourself.


Part 1: 20 min. Meditative Concert Improvised, Sound & Energy Healing Meditation with MJ and Dean of Sacred Fire on the theme of "PRESENCE". An opportunity to lay back, receive, release tension, and recharge your energy. Guided meditation & visualization Mindful drumming Intuitive singing Singing bowls Chimes Space drum Rattles Etc.

Part 2: 40 min. Workshop Amplify your PRESENCE, using the sound vibration of your voice. Grounding with the voice Releasing tension Clearing your energy Increasing your energy flow

SHARING CIRCLE for those who wish at the end.

Please register to get the ZOOM link.

BY DONATION ~ Suggested sliding scale $5 - $20