Online Drumming Circle (bi-weekly every 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month)

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SUNDAYS (bi-weekly*) AT 11 A.M. (PT)

Science demonstrates that drumming increases the development of various regions of the brain, including the motor and auditory cortexes. Who doesn't want that?

Drumming also enhances happiness! If you are looking to elevate your mood, raise your immune system, increase your energy and bring Joy into your day, grab a drum, a large plastic water bottle, the nearest pillow with sticks, a leather couch or any percussion instrument and join our Drumming Circles on Zoom!

Since your microphone will be turned off, you can relax into your rhythm and your flow, without worrying about being heard by the group.

In a warm, friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere, you will:

Explore diverse types of intentional drumming; from meditative to ecstatic! Relax and let go of internal dialogue; eliminate tension Learn rhythmic, drumming and improvisation basic techniques Be encouraged to express yourself with creative impulse Acknowledge your possibilities and limits, and be lead to transcend them Have fun!

TIP: Afraid of disturbing your neighbors? To drum more quietly with a djembe drum, put a tea towel on top of the skin, and stuff a cloth at the base of the drum. This will allow you to hit your drum vigorously without being heard too loudly.


Online Drumming Circles

Sundays (11 am to 12 pm), every 2 weeks: the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

May 24, 2020

June 14 & 28, 2020

Further dates to be announced.

(Intentional Singing Circles are held in alternance with Singing Circles on Sundays at the same time)