Healing Rhythms Workshop

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Ladysmith, BC, Canada

A fun & empowering, introductory HEALING RHYTMS workshop with MJ Vermette of SacredFire, to explore different ways of tuning into your inner healer, using rhythm to rebalance & recharge the body-mind-spirit.

No experience needed!

In this class, you will:

  • Use the drums (frame drums, hand drums, all kinds of drums), as well as rattles and other percussion, as mindful, intentional tools to create meditative, contemplative and trance rhythms to elevate the soul.

You will also experience:

  • Body Percussion: (playful rhythms with your feet and hands);  
  • Drum Massage (using the drum's sound vibration to rebalance the energy body);  
  • Rhythm Massage (rhythmic drumming on another's body with your hands).

Bring your drum, no matter what it sounds like! Some drums and percussion will also be available.

Cost: $20 ~ Advance registration only. Please register by Dec. 2nd, 2017. 2 for 1 offer Bring a friend for free (gift them the workshop or split the cost ~ it's up to you!)

Space limited. IF there is space left, registration might be available on the day of the event ($25).

Wish to pay via E-transfer? Send your payment to sacredfire[at]sacredfiremusic[dot]com

Cash and cheque payments: contact us to make arrangements: Phone 604.848.9543 Email: sacredfire[at]sacredfiremusic[dot]com.

Please note that our website store is in USD, and that the total should amount approx. $20 CAD.