Hello Everyone! 

We are reaching out to our SacredFire Family around the globe to help us record children speaking (in any language) for a song that will be featured on our upcoming album. 

What will the child be doing? 

  • She/he will be recorded by you (with your smartphone... let's keep it simple - see details below). 
  • She/he will be giving some "peace of advice" on what we could do to create a more calm and peaceful world. All languages are welcome!

A few specifics: 

  • Please send recordings of children from 3 to 11 yrs old. 
  • Voice only (no background music, or noise of any kind (dogs barking; trucks, planes, coughing, talking, ventilator, etc.). 
  • You will send us the recordings via the Internet. If the child is speaking in a language other than English or French, please send us the translation.
  • All submissions will be listened to, and we will reply to everyone in an email.
  • The chosen recording(s) will be mixed in studio to a musical track created by SacredFire (featuring soft, soothing instruments such as chimes).

Your role: To create a calm space, ask questions & record the child: 

  • Make sure you have a Voice Recorder App on your smartphone (IPhone & IPad: see this link for best voice recorder apps
    Android: see this link). 
  • In a quiet space, create a calm moment with the child, sitting or laying down. 
  • Hold up your phone close to your child, or attach it somewhere close to them so you don't need to hold it. 
  • Once the child has attained a relaxed state, hit the record button. 
  • Ask specific questions to the child, so that their reply is directly related to the theme of the song : peace & calm (see questions below). 
  • We will mute your questions when we edit the track so your voice won't be heard on the final song.

The questions: 

  • Ask the child one or more questions like in these examples: 

    «What do you like to do when you want to feel calm (relaxed, peaceful)?» 
    «How do we feel when we are very calm (relaxed, peaceful)?» 
    «What will happen to me if I am very calm (relaxed, peaceful) each day?» 
    «What will happen on the planet if everybody is very calm and relaxed all the time?»
    «Do you think that adults in your life are calm and relaxed?
    «Why is it important to take time to be calm (quiet, relaxed, peaceful)?»
    Etc..., around the theme of being calm and relaxed

  • At the end, we might like to include children wishes, so you can ask questions like these: 

    «What is your best wish for all the children in the world?» 
    «What is your best wish for all the adults in the world?» 
    «What is your best wish for all the old people in the world?» 
    «What is your best wish for all the animals in the world?» 
    «What is your best wish for all the trees and flowers in the world?» 

How to send us your files: 

  • We are looking forward to receiving your recordings!! Send us your files using before January 15th, 2018. You can send as many recordings as you wish. 


We hope that you enjoy the beautiful moments you will create with the child around the theme of being calm & peaceful. We are very grateful for your participation, and will be looking forward to listening to your recordings!

Don't hesitate to send us your questions by Email

Love & Harmony 

~ MJ and Dean


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